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Herding Basics for Beginners and Curious Folk
Stockhandling for Beginners and Beyond
Sheep and Goat Health
Herding Associations
Herding Organization’s Rules and Trial Courses
Herding Dog Breed Associations and Information
Handling, Herding, and Training Information
Canine Health Links
Herding-related Email Lists
Herding-related Shopping Sites
Herding Events Schedules
Herding Professional Training and Lessons

Herding Basics for Beginners and Curious Folk – Sheepdogging for newbies. Great site, even has forums for newbies to ask questions, including one where you can ask an expert!
AGRIHELP – is there a stockdog in your future? and other info.
AKC’s Herding Terms Definitions Page

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Stockhandling for Beginners and Beyond

Bud Williams’ site
Articles on Low-Stress training by Bud Williams
Temple Grandin’s site

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Sheep and Goat Health

Sheep and
American Sheep Industry
Sheep Breed Info

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Herding Associations

Texas Sheep Dog Association
U.S. Border Collie Handlers’ Association
International Sheep Dog Society
Southwest Working Australian Shepherd Association
American Herding Breeds Association

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Herding Organization’s Rules and Trial Courses

TSDA Rules
ISDS Rules
AHBA Rules
ASCA Rules
AKC Rules

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Herding Dog Breed Associations & Information

Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.(ASCA)
Southwest Working Australian Shepherd Association
ORIGINAL Aussie Breed Ring
West Australian Working Sheep Dog Assoc.
American Border Collie Network
Border Collies in Action
Cardigan Corgis in Action
German Shepherds in Herding
Photos of different breeds in action (Link to dogs available for adoption)

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Handling, Herding, & Training Information

AmericanKennel Club Herding Trials/Tests Regulations and Information
AKC’sHerding Terms Definitions Page

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Canine Health, Behavior, and Misc. Links

American Canine Sports Medicine Association
Canismajor’s Dog Owner’s Guide (online guide)
Sports Medicine Program of Auburn Univ. Vet. School
Boomerang Dog Tags

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Herding-related Email Lists

Cowdog-L (any breed)

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Herding-related Shopping Sites

Border Collies in Action
BorderCollics Anonymous
Premier1 Supplies
KencoveFarm Fence, Inc

Herding and other dog events links

Austin Dog Events

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Professional Training and Lessons

Names are listed alphabetically, click name for more information. THCSDA does not endorse or recommend any trainers but provides this for information only.

Texas Area

Susan Carpenter
Rocksprings, TX

Crosby, TX

K9 Country Club

Barry Lambert
Dublin, TX

Carl and Peggy Larsen’s Hid-n-HillsFarm
Goldthwaite, TX

Emil Luedecke
Zephyr, TX

Michele McGuire’s Paws4Ewe
Elgin/Bastrop, TX

Jo Anne Noble
Boerne, Texas

Sheryl McDonald’s SherTom Kennels
Leander, TX

Ken Theus
Boerne, Texas

Our Friends Out of State

Jack & Kathy Knox’s Ettrick Kennels
Butler, Missouri

Howard Gaines’ Gaines Farm and Kennels
Harrington, Delaware

Amelia Smith’s BorderSmith Stockdogs

Valley Center, California

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